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Hyderabad Ninja Kungfu is a Martial Arts Academy (affiliated to ISNK(International Shaolin's Ninja Kung Fu)) Since 1989 and it is spread all over Hyderabad with more than 30000 members associated with it. Hyderabad Ninja Kungfu Martial Arts website will provide you the complete information of  Martial Arts in Hyderabad(India).

Most of the people are confused to opt for martial arts or kickboxing or any other art. well if you would like to have fitness training 
then Ninja kungfu is the best martial arts to opt for it.. in ninja kungfu you can learn the art of self defence + weapons + animal moments
+ gymanstics etc. but also note that age or gender does not matter to learn the ninja kungu.

We have got a feedback from our clients that most of the time they have spent to learn kickboxing or some other art has ended only at fitness but
if you learn ninja kungfu then along with fitness you can learn self defence art and many more based on interest.

You can contact us on 9849664160 to know the complete details of Ninja Kungfu  hyderabad training details as well for admission.
please check our other pages to have complete information about our martial arts training centers available in hyderabad.

Mr. Nasar Bin Ahmed Alay Ninja is the Cheif  and Director (Founder) of  ISNK who also holds International Shaolin's Ninja Kung-Fu Black Belt
"H" degree. Mr Nasar Bin Ahmed is also a Chinese Boxer and his students are now most senior professionals in Bollywood and Tollywood
Industry and also in Corporate health fitness trainers.

Ninja Kungfu Hyderabad Martial arts is being drive by Shaik Askam who is an instructor holding Black Belt of ISNK and almost very senior
instructor of ISNK  rained lot of professionals like Tollywood actors, TV Anchors, TV Dancers, AP Police , Member of Parliament and many more
professionals like IT guys who have really appreciated his new innovative techniques of teaching the art of martial arts especially the
vide techniques of hyderabad ninja kungfu.

Aslam has more than 12 years of learning and teaching experience in Ninja kungfu  in hyderabad towards the art of martial art, well specialized in martial arts and won many
open black belt martial arts grand championship conducted in India.

Aslam has conducted Kickboxing show in Zee Telugu Channel "Konda Veeti Raja Kotalo Rani"  reality show. You can watch his videos
in Youtube or our video gallery.

Ninja kungfu is an idea to train normal people towards fitness + selfdefence and also professionally based on the interest of learner.

 The trainingwill be conducted in such a easy drills followed as a portion,  the trainee will help the learner to clear the obstacle step
by step and will be very eager to attend the next classes

ninja kungfu is one of the few traditional martial arts academy in Hyderabad(India).We give emphasis to  teaching the values and customs of the traditional Chinese martial arts as well as the unique techniques of this Ninja Kung fu style.


Our classes are designed for beginners, intermediate and experienced students. We teach Kids and adults of all ages and ability levels  irrespective of any sex(gender).

Ninja kungfumartial arts academy ancient Chinese Martial Arts system will help you in developing strength and flexibility,increased endurance, better balance, improved dexterity, and stronger bones and joints. The ninja kungfu training  programming will condition your body and mind with discipline at every step of the way. The self-defense skills and techniques you learn will help you
physically and mentally in facing the challenges of everyday life.

You can call us on the below number to know the admission and other details.:

  •  9849664160

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